Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 9, "Chilling in Saigon" or "God how I miss paper towels!!" (no joke!!)

lazy day today, sort of boring. Sue and Long went to pick up sue's friends at the airport so I spent most of day lazing, napping, sweating, crosswords.

But this evening had a great time. Sue and Derek and I took a taxi downtown saigon and walked around a bit. We found Ho Chi Minh Park, but I guess they are ALL called ho chi minh park!!

Found a very local corner restaurant and had a yummy meal of beef something and pork something and I had a couple of saigon beers! Everyone is very pleased and impressed by sue's knowledge of vietnamese, and I am too! It's a lot of fun poking around w her, and she even got us home after the taxi driver got lost!!

Tried internet phone calls back home - not very successful but really nice to hear mary ann and jeff's voices!

The trip really starts ramping up from here. Tomorrow 7 am van picks us up, then we pick up teri and donald (sue's friends) at their hotel and then head into the mekong delta for sight-seeing and overnight stay in nice hotel.

ok very tired,

rice soup.