Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 6 - Phu Quoc Island or "Dripping With Sweat"

up at dawn, wandered to restaurant by myself and managed to order an ice-milk coffee without being slapped! Mid-morning I take Sue on a motorbike and we head into main "town" (very small) day-market. Night market was fun but much more touristy - day market much more local. I guess about 80,000 people live here and also a lot of vn from mainland come here for vacation - probably sort of like catalina? I would guess there are maybe 1 in 4 westerners and the rest are asian. Day market crazy like rest of vn - fairly narrow dirt road packed packed packed w people and motorbikes - incessant honking sort of like world cup game! Street vendors and people selling stuff from their homes everywhere. The heat was truly overwhelming - I think it was 175 degrees and 120 % humidity. Literally soaked in sweat and after walking for just a few minutes ready to pass out! Sue and I find a nice little place to sit and enjoy a soda, then change some money, then ride back to resort.

Everyone jumps into taxi and we head into town for lunch and then back for couple hours rest and nap during worst part of the day heat. I fall asleep on my veranda as the clouds roll in and we get just a drop of rain. Damn! Still waiting for the downpour. It's really amazing - the clouds are so thick here when they pass in front of the sun the temp must drop by a good 20-30 degrees.

Up from nap around 5, rent 2 more motorbikes and we head into town again for a quick sight-seeing tour and we find very nice buddhist temple w nice view of the ocean. Back to night market for a fantastic meal of sort sort of pork dish wrapped around a piece of sugar cane and then bbq'd, served over rice noodles w fish sauce. Just fantastic. Add a couple of saigon ice cold beers and it is just perfect.

Back to resort and quick blog. We go back to saigon tomorrow around 2 pm. I really could stay here for quite a while, but nice to get back to long's family.

ok - time for sleep - bye