Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 4? - 9 pm Phu Quoc Island

up again crack of dawn in saigon. Longs brother Tri picked us up some delicious vn sandwiches for breakfast and a local merchant delivered our ice-coffee. Packed up all our stuff and took a taxi to the airport for our 1 hour flight to Phu Quoc Island in the Gulf of Thailand, just off of Cambodia.

Nice flight on a prop plane and arrive Phu Quoc around 11:00. Very beautiful island just opened up to the public as a tourist destination about 5 years ago. Before that the island was used by the VN govt as a military base and only way to get here was by military helicopter. They have a huge renovation and devlopment plan underway for the island, so it's nice we get a chance to see it before it becomes too too developed. Right now it is just wonderful - Similar to Saigon but without any people (well nearly any people) or traffic.

We took a taxi to our hotel - the Sea Star I think which is absolutely gorgeous - right on the beach and I have my own bungalow right next to the bungalow for the Le's. The bungalow is a very nice one room w a nice veranda in front w 2 lounge chairs. Inside, a nice bathroom, which I must admit I have missed just a bit! We took a taxi around the corner and had a nice lunch at a local restaurant along the main road thru the main drag. Nice lunch w the most amazing pineapple smoothie I've ever had. Apparently, these "pineapples" actually grow on trees here! Go figure!

Back to the inn for a shower and a nap and recover from the heat and humidity. Up around 4 and we rent 2 motorbikes - I have Sue behind me, and Long has Derek and Ethan on his bike. No Problem! We scoot around town and find the famous night-market where we walk around and look at all the food vendors and have yet another wonderful meal - I had beef skewers in satay sauce and vn spring rolls. yum!

Walk around a bit and head home again. Time for a nighttime swim in the gulf of thailand for all of us. The bungalows are right on the beach and the night sky is crystal clear and beautiful, complete w venus and milky way shining brightly - I havent enjoyed the evening sky like this in years. We all sit in the 80 deg water enjoying ourselves and marveling at the beauty, tranquility, and QUIET of the island. This is the middle of the wet season, so there are very few tourists around - it is just fabulous.

I am still feeling great - no big problem w bites but still coating up w deet couple times a day. The boys are getting a lot of bites, which is bad for them but maybe good for me. If the boys are more appealing to the mosquitos than who am I to complain?

Long has booked us here for 3 days and 3 nights - what a wonderful place to unwind and get away. Many more white people here of course since this is a tourist spot now - around Long's neighborhood we were the only white people. I sort of like that better.

Everyone relaxed and getting along well. wonderful time. I am blogging from the one computer they have at the reception desk w internet, which is a very nice amenity.

more later.